Our Caring Connections team realizes that all of us working together can make a really positive difference in the lives of our CVUU members, and that caring for each other takes a village! So, we have a special group of people called Caring Connectors, who take turns being the contact person each month. Our Caring Connectors make phone calls and send emails to connect “members in need of some caring” with “members who are willing to help other CVUUs in need”. Thanks to our Caring Connectors (listed below), and to everyone who has offered to be a Caring Connection, our CVUU congregation is a more caring place.

Be a Caring Connection!
Many CVUUs have offered to be “Caring Connections” and help other CVUUs in need. If you would like to sign up to be a Caring Connection and help care for other CVUUs, complete this form and give it to any of the Caring Connectors. To be a Caring Connector, contact any of the current Caring Connectors.

Caring Connectors:
• Pam Hays
• Esther Kieffer
• Cindy Hahn
• Betsy Brant
• Priscilla Nieman
• Callie Amiday
• Kelly Fischer
• Carollyn Hartsfield
• Shannon Michael
• Donna Kroeger

For contact information for our caring connectors, see the CVUU directory or contact our CVUU administrator.