Little Free Food Pantry at the CVUU
You may have noticed the Little Food Pantry box located by the front drive-up. If not, please stop and check it out. We are offering free food and necessities to those in need. If you have a need, please help yourself.

  • Who uses the food pantry? Most all of the people who use the pantry are kids. During the summer, Mica saw a lot of them and got the idea that most were looking for something to eat during the day and were fixing their own lunch and snacks. Most of them are friendly and appreciative. We do have a few who have dumped food or littered or cause some problems but most are good kids looking for something to eat. They stop by to see what’s in the box when they get off the school bus.
  • What to donate: Items that are taken are canned meals such as ravioli and spagettios etc, pork and beans, small micro meals (non-refrigerated, of course) peanut butter, pudding packs, various treats, toilet paper, toothpaste, deodorant, toothbrushes, baby food. Also children and teen books and craft supplies (colors, pencils, coloring books, etc.)
  • What not to donate: Please do not donate tomato products, sauces or pasta. These items are not taken.
  • How and when to donate: There is a rolling metal cart in the Fellowship Hall on which you may place your donations. Please consider regular donations to the Food Pantry so we can continue to help supplement the diet and needs of our neighbors in need. If you would rather make a monetary donation, please make a check out to the CVUU with Food Pantry in the memo line. Mica buys many bulk items at Sam’s Club and the Dollar Store and this would help make those purchases.
  • Other ways to help: Please contact Mica Lorenz if you would like to assist the Food Pantry team by filling the box on Sundays for a month. Her contact information is available in the CVUU directory or from our CVUU administrator.

CVUUs Help Keep America Beautiful
The Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists are involved in the Adopt-A-Highway program, which was developed by the Iowa Department of Transportation to increase public awareness of environmental needs along Iowa highways by making sections of roadsides available for “adoption.” This service project gives the CVUU an opportunity to improve the appearance of roadsides in the Cedar Valley by keeping the north side of Highway 20 from mile-marker 226 to 228 clear of litter. CVUU Highway Cleanup

Caring for roadsides not only makes them more attractive to the traveling public, but it also makes major improvements in our environment.

If you would like to be a part of a program that is creating a lasting impression for this and future generations to enjoy, please contact Mica Lorenz. Her contact information is available in the CVUU directory or from our CVUU administrator.