Adult Forum sessions run from 11:30 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. on Sundays. Child care is provided.

Last spring the church leadership suggested doing some programming in response to the issues of race raised by the leadership conflict that occurred within our national denomination last year. All UU congregations were called to examine how they have embraced, or failed to embrace, diversity and how various racial biases may play a role in whether or not congregations are genuinely welcoming to people of color. As Adult RE chair, I agreed to work on using our Adult Forums on Sundays to further this discussion.
As I write this, in recent days this discussion has been made even more urgent by the events in Charlottesville and by our President’s open embrace of what were once considered fringe racist and nationalist groups. I’m sure that all UUs are repulsed by this open brand of racism, and yet, formulating an effective response requires self-examination on the part of white folks as to how we may have acted to reinforce racial stereotypes and racial divisions in our society. The KKK is but the extreme end of a whole continuum of actions and institutions that enforce racial inequality in our society.
Rev. Eva and the Religious Services Council will be organizing Sunday services around the theme of “Re-centering” and will use the ideas of the Touchstone curriculum as a guide. This theme fits very well with consideration of creating a more multi-cultural UU movement and congregation. Various Adult Forums will be used to discuss and to expand on ideas raised by the Sunday services. I hope that everyone will plan on making the “second hour” a part of their Sunday experience as often as possible. —- Al Hays

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