Del Carpenter

Thinking of Beginnings

We are offered many opportunities in our lives to begin again: to find our callings, to begin new relationships, to let go of unhelpful scripts.  And as we begin by making friends with ourselves, the jumble of experience, insight and aptitude what we carry into the abundant reality of the world.  We say yes and … Continued

Questions answered? Answers questioned?

All of us question, “how should I live? Does my life have meaning?”  Some religious answers are emotionally satisfying but don’t fully make sense.  Some religious answers are intellectually sensible but not emotionally satisfying.  How do we share the journey with seekers who chose a different path?

“The Last Word” & First Words (11:00 a.m.)

“The Last Word, Or What To Say About It,” takes place in the Last Chance Bar at the end of No Passing Zone as Rusty & Dusty Augenblick face each other in the last minutes before the end of the world.  The free verse play was published by James Broughton in 1958.  We’ll have some … Continued

Hanging Separately, Hanging Together: A UU Labor Day Reflection

“We may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now” (Martin Luther King, Jr.).  “We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately” (Benjamin Franklin).  “We can do this.  We are the adaptable animal….we can organize..and we can act” (James Ismael Ford).  Celebration Associates: Bill … Continued

A League of Our Own

Quoting Roger Angell, “Baseball seems to have been invented solely for the purpose of explaining all other things in life.”  It is all metaphor, 100 percent.  We project our search for meaning onto the  game.  The virtue the game possesses is simply that it works well as a reflector of our own inner processes.  The … Continued

What it Means to be UU

We have no creeds defining our religious community.  UU is one ism that is not an ism.   No honesty of thought or perception ignored, no depth of feeling dismissed, no life or struggle belittled.  Growth of spirit is our purpose.  The sermon, written by Rev. Mark Allstrom in 2004 will be presented by Del … Continued

Pillars of Our Spiritual Connection: Memory and Hope

What are we but this series of stories that we tell ourselves and these images that we conjure?  The challenge with memory is to hold it lightly, to avoid being trapped in the comfort or terror of any of it for too long.  Reflection on one’s relics now and then is a useful spiritual discipline. … Continued

Adventures in Everyday Grace

Whatever our circumstances today, there is grace to be remembered, grace to be imagined and grace to be received. But is it deserved? And what is our response? Our service today draws from eight UU ministers. Worship Associate: Bill Chene