Rev. Eva Cameron with Bill Chene

The Return of Anti-Semitism or Forgiving Those Who Hate Us

The return of Nazi swastikas to the streets has been very unsettling to many of us.  What must it feel like to be Jewish living in the U.S. at this time, when people are calling for your death?  At this time of year when Jewish people are restoring their relationships, the time of Yom Kippur, … Continued

Homecoming Sunday Re-Centering

Kick-off Sunday Upstairs with the start of RE classes. We will install our RE teachers, and celebrate coming back together for another program year.

On Being an Infidel

A reflection on the tendency we have, in groups, to revile other groups. . .and what this does to our sense of self, as we live as the reviled one.

Stewardship Sunday: Profits and Prophets

Money doesn’t grow on trees. . .but actually, neither do churches.  Join Rev. Eva as we playfully explore our relationship to prophets and our own precious place, CVUU.