Rev. Eva Cameron with Karen Impola


One of the Touchstones of being human is hospitality.  Most all cultures and religions teach about the sacredness of hospitality.  This week we explore the ways hospitality has moved and shaped our experiences and sense of sacred connection.

Re-Centering Beauty

We will “Re-Center” the concept of Beauty as we explore in poetry, song and readings the voices of margins as they speak of beauty. SA collection: IA Pride Network

Easter Sunday: Transcending the Ordinary

On this day when we honor the impossibility of life from death, of hope from despair, of light from darkness…we pause and honor all those moments that allow us to transcend the ordinary. Group Picture for Lynda Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt

Touchstone: As a Mirror Reflects an Object

We will be experimenting this spring with a new Unitarian Universalist program called “Touchstones”.  It features monthly themes with readings for you, some activities for small groups, as well as sermon ideas. This month is about Mindfulness. In this sermon I will explore how mindfulness helps us create equanimity in our lives . . . and … Continued