Rev. Eva Cameron

Covenanting Sunday

Join us as we celebrate our Covenant with each other. I will speak a bit about the origins of being a Covenantal faith, and what it means to us today. We will be gathering and growing our Ministry Focus Team Orange: Pastoral Care.

Forgiveness is the Attribute of the Strong

In honor of the Jewish tradition of Yom Kipper, once a year we pause and reflect on the spiritual practice of repentance and forgiveness. Gandhi wrote, “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” How can we build our strength, to succeed in this task. We will be gathering and growing our Ministry … Continued

The Unitarians and Democracy

Just why is it that UU’s are so interconnected with the ideas of democracy and the democratic process? We will explore some of our UU history, and what it means to us today as we prepare for the upcoming election. We will be gathering and growing our Ministry Focus Team Lavender-Living Democracy

Homecoming Sunday

Join us this Sunday for stories of our living faith and the Teacher Dedication.  Celebration Associate: John Miller

Revival and Water Communion

!!!! PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN LOCATION DUE TO FLOODING!!! Please join us for a fun filled day of activities at the CVUU (not at Black Hawk Park, as was announced previously.) We will have a service including water communion. Bring a vial of water to share if you have collected something of significance over the summer. Water will also … Continued

We’ll Do the Best We Know

Jessica Lieb will share her song on our “Then Sings My Soul” theme and Rev. Eva will preach about the spiritual journey of wrestling with our very real limitations as human beings.  What does it mean, if every day and every way, we are not getting better and better? Krista Saylor – Celebration Associate

Fanning the Flame of Shared Ministry

The Committee on Ministry is excited to share some of their ideas and some history about Shared Ministry in our congregation. the Committee on Ministry, John Miller – Celebration Associate

Spirit of Life

Continuing with our theme, this week our Donna Kroeger will share something she’s written from long, long ago called “My Philosophy of Life”. Perhaps we will have a guest appearance from her son. . .and I will expand our time with a message about growing in our faith. Worship Associate: Callie Amiday  

Festival Sunday: Earth Day

Join Eva, Maureen Murphy and the rest of the Festival Team as we celebrate Mother Earth in song and dance, poetry and wisdom.

Soul’s Echoes

For our theme this week, Dennis Harbaugh will share a picture with us, instead of song, and tell us his technique for grounding, renewing and finding himself again, using a special picture. Rev. Eva will continue with this, exploring how echoes of who we used to be can remind of what we yet can be. … Continued