• Rev. Eva Cameron


    Eva Cameron has been the minister of the CVUU since 2006. During that time, Eva has been visible in the Cedar Valley proudly representing the CVUU as an LGBTQ welcoming congregation. She has assisted many congregants during times of personal crisis, she has nurtured young families into membership, and she connects well with our CVUU … Continued

  • Angie Stafsholt

    Director of Children's Religious Education (DCRE)

    Angie is the Director of Children’s Religious Education (DCRE) at the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists. She is responsible for religious education programming for our children and youth. Angie is an Our Whole Lives facilitator for the Middle School and High School age group. She has been active at the CVUU for many years as a … Continued

  • Jessica Lieb

    Music Director

    Jess is the Music Director for the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists. She plays beautiful piano music for us each Sunday, leads the choir and Theoretical String Band through their practice sessions, and arranges for special music for special occasions. If you would like to join the choir or band, or provide special music, let Jess … Continued

  • Stacy Speakar

    Child Care Coordinator

    Stacy coordinates child care for the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists. She works closely with our childcare workers: Melinda “Mindy” Anderson, Misty Baker, and Joy Mathes, to make sure that parents can participate in Sunday services and other activities that take place throughout the week. Since the CVUU policy is to always have two adults in … Continued

  • Janet Sanders


    For general inquiries, or if you’re not sure who to contact, email or call Janet, our administrator for the Cedar Valley Unitarian Universalists. She will be sure to get back to and help get you pointed in the right direction.

  • John Miller and Deblyn Russell

    Lay Ministers

    The CVUU is run by a shared ministry, which includes lay ministers (or officiants) who are members of our church. Our lay ministers are part of the Religious Services Council, which plans, coordinates, and presents religious services for the CVUU, in collaboration with the minister, music director, worship associates, and other supportive groups. This includes … Continued