All-Church Retreat – details to be announced

Planning is happening. . .it will be fun! There will be childcare, the church theme for the year will be revealed, and there will be a potluck lunch at noon. More information as to starting and ending times will follow, so watch your email.

America’s Modern Day Workers

Labor Day Sunday’s service will be entitled “America’s Modern Day Workers” The message will be about answering the question:  Who are America’s laborers today and what is a different about the changing face of our working Americans?

Homecoming Sunday Re-Centering

Kick-off Sunday Upstairs with the start of RE classes. We will install our RE teachers, and celebrate coming back together for another program year.


Our Touchstone topic for this month is Beauty. How has beauty shaped and informed your spiritual growth? What is beauty? And how have your understandings of it shifted, or stayed the same over the years?

Re-Centering Beauty

We will “Re-Center” the concept of Beauty as we explore in poetry, song and readings the voices of margins as they speak of beauty. SA collection: IA Pride Network