Thinking of Beginnings

We are offered many opportunities in our lives to begin again: to find our callings, to begin new relationships, to let go of unhelpful scripts.  And as we begin by making friends with ourselves, the jumble of experience, insight and aptitude what we carry into the abundant reality of the world.  We say yes and … Continued

Seeing Our Own Reflection

When it comes to our beliefs and spirituality are we, as Americans and Unitarian Universalists constantly searching for words to believe in or are we searching for words that believe in us?   Many years ago, some people saw an alarming trend on America’s social, religious and political beliefs.  Now, more than ever, it is important … Continued

From Darwin to Starhawk: What We See…and What We Don’t

Can we believe our own eyes, or are they deceiving us?  And if our everyday vision is failing then what about our ability to connect with things which may be even harder to see, such as the spiritual dimensions?  What shapes how we see our surroundings?  Let’s explore this together and see if we can … Continued

Science and Religion: Friends or Foes?

In modern times, science and religion are often seen as being in conflict with one another, but this has not always been the case. Science and religion are both attempts to understand the world around us, and their histories are intertwined.

Thinking of Change

In searching for the truth, be ready for the unexpected. Change alone is unchanging, said the weeping philosopher (Heraklietos).  “But it’s also really, really hard.  Even if we’ve moved on in our minds, our bodies long for the way life was.”