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August  2nd
Lammas ~~ Karen Impola, Del Carpenter (WA)

In Celtic and neo-pagan traditions, Lammas, or Lughnasadh, is the holiday that falls midway between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, and celebrates the first harvest of grain.  This service looks at Lammas traditions old and new.

August  9th

Poetry Sunday ~~ Bill Chene

Yes, it’s that time again so dust off your poetry books and your own favorite poems and come to our poetry Sunday service to share them with us.  The rules are very simple:
•    Limit your poem to about three minutes.  This is to assure that everyone who wants to read gets a chance. We’re always considerate of other readers.  After everyone has had a chance to read their poems we will give the readers another chance to read more of their poems.
•    General rules of taste apply due to the mixed audience.  No bad potty words or distasteful topics, etc.
•    Credit your poetry sources.
•    Have lots of fun!!!!

August 16th
Transformation vs. Acceptance ~~ Del Carpenter, Karen Impola (WA)

“Maybe the call to transformation is a call to continue to grow, not because who you are now is not good enough, but rather because who you yet can be is still more amazing.”  Del will present this sermon written by the Rev. Douglas Taylor.

August 23rd
Expanding the Mind—Expanding Self ~~ Diane Winkey, Maureen Murphy (WA)

Expanding the mind is the essence of growth.  When growth is present it’s beneficial to self, family and community.  What are you doing to enhance your personal growth?  Researching Mayan culture?  Building a treehouse?  Reading the entire works of Shakespeare?  Let’s share what path you are taking for a more expansive, fulfilling growth experience.

August 30th
Festival Sunday:  Water Communion ~~ Rev. Eva Cameron, Festival Sunday Team

oin us for this popular service, as we celebrate the connection we share with Mother Earth and with each other.  Please bring a small vial of water from some place special to you to add to our common waters.  Most of us have visited some place, in person or in our minds, that refreshes us and nourishes our souls.  Let’s gather back after so many of us traveled and enjoy being together in community.



We Need Help! Children’s RE is still in need of a lot of volunteers! Please let me know if you are interested in helping out in an RE class this fall. You have zero prep and can choose the Sundays you’d like to volunteer.
I still need volunteers for the following:
6th/7th-10th grades (The Saylors have graciously offered to share this responsibility with someone.),
4th-5th/6th grades, and
1st-3rd grades.
Without volunteers to help in Children’s RE, RE doesn’t happen! Please help me make it happen!
Thank you, Angie Stafsholt



We will be offering OWL this RE year for grades 4 and 5 or 5 and 6. Before our OWL leaders commit to dates and times, I would like to know which families are interested in their son or daughter participating in this offering which is approximately eight weeks long.

Please email me so we can gather the number of participants and determine what time of year is best to hold these classes. If you are wondering what OWL is, please check out www.uua.org/re/owl and do let me know if you have any questions!
OWL cannot happen with too few participants, so please let me know if your son or daughter would like to participate!

Angie Stafsholt


During the summer, join us each week at 7:30 p.m. on Thursdays in the balcony for meditation, walking meditation and discussion of Buddhist topics.  Come at any time and give it a try; all are welcome.

This is a great group to which to invite a friend or neighbor, someone who might enjoy having a place to meditate.  Come explore the living dharma with us.

2015-16 CVUU BOARD

Congratulations to the following CVUU Board members voted in at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 17th.

      President – Al Hays
      Vice President – John Fischer
      Secretary – Jan Anderson, Candace Roberts
      Finance Director – Mary Kay Madsen
      Social Action Trustee – Sheri Huber-Otting
      Religious Services Trustee – Del Carpenter
      Religious Education Trustee – Michelle Tichy
      Ministry Trustee – Carollyn Hartsfield
      Building & Operations Trustee – John Miller




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